What to wear? What to wear?
Going rafting? One big question is what to wear. Well it depends (not recommended). Time of year. Type of boat. Personal preferences.


Right now it’s September. A sort of transitional period between summer and fall. Summer rafting on the French Broad calls for casual wear. Shorts and t-shirts are perfectly acceptable. Long sleeves and light weight long pants for those sensitive to the sun are good ideas. Jeans or, heaven forbid, cut-offs should be shunned. A baseball type cap can be worn under the helmet for added fashion sense and shading of the eyes. Casual footwear is also apropo. But not flip flops. Flip flops are perfectly acceptable at the beach, but alas, we are not at the beach. Something a little more substantial is required. Old tennis shoes work well. River sandals are good. They drain well and are cool. Can give you odd looking tan lines if you aren’t careful though. Aqua socks have a certain cache about them and are inexpensive . 
As September temps taper into the cool side, a slightly more formal attire might be justified. A jacket for instance might be a good way to start the day, with the option available to drop back into more casual attire if conditions dictate. As September wains and October approaches, something in black might be more to your liking. Sleeveless with a colorful wool or fleece accent can be quite striking. Topped of with a casual jacket if the conditions suggest. Neoprene formal wear is available at no extra charge. Footwear should could possibly be augmented with wool or neoprene socks. Cotton is not in vogue for cool weather. Other accessories might include a wool hat, and, acceptable any time of year, sunglasses. Waterproof cameras too, if the colors don’t clash.

And don't forget to wear shoes that will stay on your feet!

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