The Autumn season has officially started! Now is a great time to go rafting. The air and water are still warm and the trips are smaller and more intimate.
The leaves have started to change color and will just get more and more spectacular as the season unfolds.
Right now mornings are a little cool at the outpost, but by the time we get down to the river to start our journey, the sun is up and sharing its warmth. Some folks have been starting off with paddle jackets, but are typically ready to shed that layer after just a few minutes of paddling.
Of course all that will change as we get deeper into Fall. As the trees shed their layers, we will be adding to ours. We have paddle jackets (a simple windbreaker), paddle pants, fleece tops, and for those particularly chilly days: wet suits. All borrowable at no extra charge.
As we get into the cooler months we recommend that folks not wear a lot of cotton. When it gets wet it gets clammy and yucky. It also steels the heat from your body. Not good!. But for now it's still t-shirt and shorts time. Those days are numbered though. The payout for the cooler weather is the spectacular Autumn foliage. It's well worth it. And we've got hot showers, hot coffee, and hot tea waiting to welcome you back after your river trip. Join us!

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